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Building a Product Hunt Clone? Here’s what you should know.

Product Hunt is arguably the biggest place to launch a startup, SaaS, mobile app or project. And for that reason it’s very competitive to get a high ranking, or even get noticed on Product Hunt.

If you’re thinking of building a Product Hunt clone, here’s a few things you should consider;

  • You SHOULD NOT be charging money for companies to submit – if you have a waiting list and want to charge to expedite that’s fair trade, but charging before you’ve even launched looks ridiculous. Product Hunt doesn’t charge, how can anyone justify paying for your service. Don’t be this site Nextool, which hasn’t even launched yet.
  • You SHOULD establish a social media presence on every platform available; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Threads, whatever platform that is available.
  • You SHOULD be cross promoting the products being submitted – when you use social media to announce a product launching, that product should be sharing their launch on their own social media, which in turn helps give your site exposure. It’s a no brainer to increase traffic to your own site.
  • You SHOULD make your web traffic public – Maker Peak made their traffic public here. You should be too.
  • You SHOULD have a blog to give updates on how often you are launching new sites.
  • You SHOULD NOT reject submissions without an explanation – if you think a product is not appropriate for your site, that’s fin but for goodness sakes tell the companies that are submitting for consideration why you are not posting their company.

There’s room for competition in the launch game, but since you’re not the lead dog you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort to get noticed. Good luck with whatever you’re building, and reach out to us so we can add you to the Launch Point Zero directory.


Hey we found another site like us! looks like another directory where you can launch your startup. It appears to be focused on AI directories. We’re more general purpose, but it does have some sites we don’t have yet, so well done. Go check it out.


We’re adding rankings to Launch Point Zero

At the behest of some commenters on Hacker News we’re going to do some refinement and curation on our current data set. The best way to do that is to add rankings to each site so you can determine the right place to put your efforts towards.

It’s going to take some time. It should be ready by December 1, 2023. Here we go.


150 places to launch your startup according to LinkedIn

Here’s their article – 150+ places to launch your product. It was published in May of 2023, but it’s already out of date.

Some of these are obvious like Product Hunt and BetaList.

However there’s some what appears to be inaccurate data – for example the article lists Product School as a site “Ideal for educational tech products” but the title for the site is “Online Product Management Certification and live training – Product School”. This is not a launch site.

Also it has sites listed that no longer work – Random Startup was listed but returns “This site can’t be reached – Check if there is a typo in”

Source Forge is great if you are an open source self hosted app, but it’s not ideal for a Software as a Service or Mobile app.

However there are some good sites listed for games. We’re working on adding them.


Launchsite Feature: is a minimalist site that describes each launched startup in 10 words or less. You can read a bit more about them here.


  • It’s free to submit
  • Submitting is easy
  • It’s very consistent posting every day
  • It has a newsletter that is sent everyday that shares the same content
  • Has decent traffic, estimated 2,100 monthly visitors in October 2023


  • While its free the waiting list is now over 400 days long. However you can pay to expedite, $19 is not unreasonable.
  • The site design is pretty spare, no images or screenshots

I recommend launching here. I’d even consider paying the $19 for expediting the listing since the wait is more than a year.


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still figuring this out, how to integrate wordpress into a rails app.