150 places to launch your startup according to LinkedIn

Here’s their article – 150+ places to launch your product. It was published in May of 2023, but it’s already out of date.

Some of these are obvious like Product Hunt and BetaList.

However there’s some what appears to be inaccurate data – for example the article lists Product School as a site “Ideal for educational tech products” but the title for the site is “Online Product Management Certification and live training – Product School”. This is not a launch site.

Also it has sites listed that no longer work – Random Startup was listed but returns “This site can’t be reached – Check if there is a typo in”

Source Forge is great if you are an open source self hosted app, but it’s not ideal for a Software as a Service or Mobile app.

However there are some good sites listed for games. We’re working on adding them.